Stars on Canvas

Stars on Canvas is an event, run every two years to help raise money for the Willow Foundation.

Willow was founded by former Arsenal goalkeeper and TV presenter, Bob Wilson and his wife, Megs. Their daughter died of cancer aged 31.

The Willow Foundation provides special days for seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to provide uplifting and unforgettable special days.

I am proud to support the Willow Foundation.

Stars on Canvas 2018

This is my submission to Stars on Canvas 2018 – Sunset at Beachy Head.

Featuring the Beachy Head Lighthouse at Beachy Head, East Sussex with an LED behind the canvas to reproduce the sun at sunset.


Beachy Head Lighthouse Stars on Canvas 2018

Animation showing the light in a time-lapse format (light sequence shortened)


An original piece of art by Rob Wassell on canvas.

Painted predominantly with vinyl together with pastel, pencil and chalk and sprayed with matt lacquer.

20cm x 20cm x 3.8cm.

With integrated electronics powered by 9v battery with on-off switch.

The winner also received a signed copy of The Story of the Beachy Head Lighthouse.

Stars on Canvas 2016

This was my canvas submission to Stars on Canvas 2016 – The Belle Tout Lighthouse.

Featuring the Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head with a flashing light in the lantern room.

Also includes a signed copy of The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse.

Stars on Canvas 2016 Belle Tout Lighthouse by Rob Wassell

Animation showing the light on and light off every three seconds (light sequence shortened)

The auction ended at 21:09:55 on Sunday 27th November and went for £131 + £10 postage.

Congratulations to whoever won it and I hope enjoy the painting and the book.

Rob Wassell Belle Tout Lighthouse Canvas
Rob Wassell Belle Tout Lighthouse Canvas

You can watch a video of the canvas on YouTube

My painting for Stars on Canvas is based on a photo from my book, The Story of the Belle Tout Lighthouse, a copy of which is included with the canvas.

Belle Tout Lighthouse Painting Photo Comparison

My painting on the wall at the Stars on Canvas exhibition in London.

Belle Tout Lighthouse Stars on Canvas Exhibition in London

Link to original listing.

With special thanks to Roy Bunce of for his help with the electronics components for both projects.